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Nitro Tech Rapid Mass 5 lbs in Pakistan

Price: Rs8,300
Brand:  Muscle-Tech
Product Code:  5 lbs
Availability:  In Stock
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Muscletech Nitro Tech Rapid Mass Facts

Muscletech’s new Nitro Tech range is going to be a number of supplements that utilise the base protein formula of Nitro Tech with further additions. One of the five supplements that will be released as part of the range will be the lean mass gainer Muscletech Nitro Tech Rapid Mass.
Muscletech Nitro Tech Rapid Mass Review & Ingredients

Not a whole lot of information is available on the new Nitro Tech Rapid Mass except that each serving will contain:

    940 Calories
    80g of Protein
    146g of Carbohydrates
    11g of Creatine

These figures however are based on 4 scoops mixed with skim milk. However, even without the milk, the Rapid Mass will contain plenty of protein, carbs and creatine. Once more information has been released however, we’ll be sure to update you.
Muscletech Nitro Tech Rapid Mass Flavours & Taste

Nitro Tech Rapid Mass is confirmed in Rich Vanilla flavour, but will most likely come in chocolate and strawberry as well. Nitro Tech has always mixed into a smooth and creamy shake, and the addition of more carbs and protein shouldn’t change that too much. The creatine might make the shake slightly grittier, but time will tell.

Out of Muscletech’s three international exclusive Nitro-Techs, Nitro-Tech Rapid Mass is the biggest of them all. That is of course because it is the mass gainer of the three with each tub weighing in at 5lbs. Like the other two supplements Nitro-Tech Hyper-Build and Nitro-Tech Zero-Carb, we don’t know everything about Rapid Mass just yet, although we can confirm what looks to be all its important numbers.

The details we know of for Nitro-Tech Rapid Mass at the moment are 80g of protein per serving, as well as 146g of carbohydrates, a total of 940 calories, 11g of creatine and what is described as a mega dose of BCAAs. It is also worth mentioning that those numbers are based on four scoops of the formula being mixed with 24oz of skim milk.

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